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What makes a great digital (online) marketing analyst

What makes a great digital (online) marketing analyst image
What makes a great digital (online) marketing analyst

A passion for data generates better qualified leads for technology giant

An online marketing manager for a Fortune 500 technology company recently shared how valuable his Aquent analytical talent is to his company’s global Online Marketing team.

"Mark has taken on so many projects it's hard to pinpoint one area in which he's contributed the most," says our client, Aqif. "His value to our team is phenomenal."

So what is it that makes this Senior Web Analyst so valuable to this hardware giant? Aqif says it's Mark's proactivity combined with a personal passion at the highest level.

"Mark is great at reaching out to stakeholders for the input he needs to push his projects and deliverables to their best position," he explains.

Aqif identifies this ease of communicating with all kinds of people as important to Mark’s success. This ensures that he jells with both internal team members as well as those he deals with virtually who are spread out all over the globe.

When asked what led to this match made in heaven, Aqif says he believes that it is a convergence of several factors. Working with his Aquent team he was able to develop an interview process that allowed him to further identify the skills and talents he knew would meet his department's needs. One of the identified requirements was a passion for working with concrete data.

Aqif’s team was charged with improving user experience and customer satisfaction with his company’s online properties. Mark’s skills paid off for them in a big way. By taking the input gained in A/B tests and applying them to high-profile web pages, he was able to decrease their bounce rate by 10-15% and improve form conversion rate by 35-45%. This in turn generated better qualified marketing leads for the company.

Aqif turned to Aquent because he knew he was looking for a superstar. Thankfully, he seems to have found one.


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