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What Are You Really Looking For in a Career?

What Are You Really Looking For in a Career? image
What Are You Really Looking For in a Career?

I was reading Tim McNamara's article in Australia's Desktop magazine (issue # 244 - November 2008) on Finding your Creative Path. Whilst the entire article was certainly quite thought-provoking, two particular paragraphs struck a chord.

Tim writes: "In an industry where technologies, methods, attitudes, pecking orders and, indeed, jobs change and develop almost on a daily basis, so too must employees. In the current employment climate - where employers are under increasing pressure from both market and economic conditions - people are understandably thinking about their own careers and how, through the storm, they can progress and come out on top."

He continues to describe how in addressing the career hopes and aspirations of professionals, as recruitment specialists, "we never lose sight of the fact that we are, first and foremost, interviewing people - individuals - and no two are the same. Put two art directors in a room and they may appear almost identical at face value, but scratch the surface and ask them where they're presently at in their careers or, better yet, where they want to be in their careers, and you're likely to receive two completely different responses."

It's so true...

So in a tough market, riding the wave of the digital (r)evolution, what are you looking for? Hopefully you're looking out for Number One, but what's really pushing your career hot buttons?


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