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Webcast: Building Brand Equity Through Experience

by Matthew T. Grant

Webcast: Building Brand Equity Through Experience image
Webcast: Building Brand Equity Through Experience

Customers experience your brand everywhere. You can't control all of these encounters, but you can guide and influence them.

Zachary Paradis, Director of Innovation Strategy at Sapient/Nitro will explain just how you can go about doing that in an upcoming AMA Webcast entitled, "Building Brand Equity Through Experience," on May 21st, 2014, at 1pm Eastern.

Zachary has spent his career helping companies develop connected retail and service experiences, having led the strategy for the two largest multichannel commerce projects in the world at Target and M&S. He is also co-author of Naked Innovation, a book on collaborative innovation that has been used around the world by the Fortune 500, leading academic institutions, and government agencies in the US and overseas to drive changes in organizational behavior, service delivery, and product development.

In his presentation, Zachary will focus on ways that you can shape the experience of your brand across traditional and digital media, across products and services, and even across the interactions customers have with your employees every day.

Join us!


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