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Our client creates, services, and powers global online learning programs. In the spring of 2009, the company began working on a new project migration and needed ten web content developers to begin the following week on a contract that would last four to six months. This request was just the beginning; over the next several months our client would experience phenomenal success and high growth, frequently needing to add developers—at times with just two days’ notice.

Aquent Solution

In close collaboration with our client—and based upon our strong existing relationship and our knowledge of their business—we combed Aquent’s extensive candidate database to source the strongest web content developer candidates with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. To fully understand each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, and to ultimately determine their suitability for the role and the client’s environment, we performed an initial phone interview and a follow-up video conference interview, along with a thorough skills assessment. Even as our client’s needs continued to escalate, we were able to respond, on time and within budget, with a selection of highly qualified candidates.


The addition of Aquent web content developers greatly contributed to our client’s remarkable growth. Over an eight-month period we identified and placed 47 new team members, and during this time our client won a significant new piece of business with a leading provider of postsecondary education services—which quickly became their second-largest customer.

Partnering with Aquent enabled our client to build a strong, scalable web content development team to help them grow their business and retain clients, all while maintaining strict control over costs.


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