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We Could Use a Few More Hands On Deck to Launch This Ship

We Could Use a Few More Hands On Deck to Launch This Ship

So, 2011 is off to a better start than 2010, and you are now discovering, quite suddenly, that your department needs to staff up.

Not just for ordinary skills, but you need to hire … “creatives.”

What does that mean? Isn’t everyone creative? (SPOILER: blatant pitch for Aquent follows)

While that may be true to some extent, the creative folks you need are copywriters, interactive designers, front-end developers, and user experience experts – and you need them yesterday.

The reason you’re coming to this conclusion, at 2:14 am while lying awake in bed, might be a happy one, such as… “Our team just got a bunch of cool projects thrown over the wall.”

Or it might be a not-so-happy reason, more along the lines of … “This project just changed direction today at 4:55pm. We need to hire some people who know what HTML5 and CSS3 are – and who can start tomorrow.”

The next question will be, of course, “Where do I find these people, fast!?” Good question! Especially since your boss expects the work to start tomorrow (or yesterday) and/or to be finished in an unrealistically short time frame. Oh, and to be done perfectly, of course.

Some of your choices might include: reaching out to your network, posting on a job board, calling a staffing agency, asking everyone you know for help, or changing your name and moving to Chile (this option, while interesting, is not likely to achieve your goal). Let’s look at some of your more viable options:

Post on a job board. Do you have the time to intake all the resumes, sort through them? Do you know what to look for, how to interview potential candidates and ask the right questions? Even if you do, be prepared to spend some time reviewing the flood of resumes you’re about to receive.

Call a staffing agency. Your success here depends on the type of company you call. What is their expertise? If they staff everyone from forklift operators to taxonomists, they are unlikely to have a deep well of precisely the right candidates to send over tomorrow. Cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Ask everyone you know. You can call your sister-in-law who designed some flyers for a bake sale, or email everyone in your address book with your plea for help. Is patching together a solution going to impress your boss or improve your company’s reputation? Mmm, maybe not. And even if you have an impressive book of friends with amazing qualifications, are they available (and reliable…)? Be honest.

Honestly, as the freelance job market gets tighter and the best Talent become difficult to find (or unavailable when you do find them), having a partner in Creative hiring who knows your business is a good idea. In fact, if you prepare ahead of time, when you do land that next big project, or the project scope does change, you will no doubt be ready to meet that challenge right away.

If you’re on this blog, we’ll assume you’ve you heard about Aquent, though you may have forgotten why Aquent is the partner you seek (it WAS a rough year).

Basically we exist to get you out of (creative) hot water. OK, we also exist to keep your company humming along smoothly before the project blows up and make sure your creative output rocks. To achieve that, we have Talent Agents who have rosters of creative directors, designers, developers, UX experts and more – and most importantly, we have their personal cell phone numbers. When you need someone specific, you just call us and we’ll call them. Problem solved.

In fact, we care so much about the sending you the right people for your jobs that we will back our Talent up with a 110% guarantee. You get all your money back – plus 10% – if you are not happy with the staff you hire through us. Aquent has twice the industry satisfaction score, and we were the first to measure talent satisfaction.

So when you need more hands on deck to launch your creative projects, we’ll be ready with the awesome creative Talent you need. Oh, and feel free to try out your other options, too (except the “change your name and move to Chile” one, we really discourage that – though we’ve heard Chile is a very nice place).

Thanks to Christine Harmel for the above post and pitch for Aquent!


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