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We celebrate our talented artists in the 2012 calendar

We celebrate our talented artists in the 2012 calendar image
We celebrate our talented artists in the 2012 calendar

We're excited to announce the new Aquent and Vitamin T calendar showcasing the fine art of our talent from around the globe!

This artistic work will be on the desks of thousands of Aquent and Vitamin T clients in the coming weeks. It's a great way to highlight the amazing Aquent and Vitamin T talent we know and love.

Thank you to all the wonderful painters, mixed media artists, photographers, and illustrators for their contributions to the calendar.

Selecting from the 300+ submissions was a tough job. There were so many fantastic ones to pick from!  See the gallery of semi-finalists for the calendar. Our final selection represents 15 artists from around the world and a mix of media and styles. Their artwork is highlighted in orange in the gallery.

We'll be celebrating each of these artists by featuring a different image each month on on our Facebook page.

This month’s featured image is “Cat with Bulb,” by J-Ray of Vancouver, Canada. J-Ray has a back story for his painting, but prefers that viewers perceive it and make up their own minds about why that red-eyed cat is eyeing the bare bulb.

I say that it’s an alien cat communing with the universe. What’s your take?

Cat with Bulb – Painting by J-Ray of Vancouver Canada. This painting appears on the cover of the 2012 Aquent/Vitamin T calendar.


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