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Vomit Comet

It’s easy to be a critic.

Everyone’s a critic, right?

And do you know why?

Because it far, far easier to be a critic than to be a Designer, Writer, Actor, or any other kind of creative. Actually, it’s far, far easier to be a critic than to be the person crossing a busy street during a rainstorm.

But I digress…

While critiquing professionally designed logos, Web sites, and marketing materials is necessary to keep the bar high in the design world, poking fun of really poorly designed ones is part and parcel of being a Designer. The problem is, spouses and friends many times don’t enjoy a good dig at a bad logo.

Which is where the popular site comes in. Here you can join other Designers as you wade through interesting creative choices.

Feel free to contribute!

(Thanks to Larry for finding, then kindly passing along)


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