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UX and Typography, Design Principles, Corporate Blogging, and Autocorrect: What We’re Reading 7.25.2014

UX and Typography, Design Principles, Corporate Blogging, and Autocorrect: What We’re Reading 7.25.2014 image
UX and Typography, Design Principles, Corporate Blogging, and Autocorrect: What We’re Reading 7.25.2014

This week we’ve been reading about UX and typography, design principles, corporate blogging, and the story behind autocorrect. What have you been reading?

How Fonts Affect the User Experience

Did you know that typography can affect your mood? Well, I didn’t either until this article pointed me at some MIT research demonstrating that fonts influence our feelings. Building on that research, the author here experimented with various font styles on his site and ended up with a 38% increase in site engagement. Are your font treatments holding your site back?

24 of Design’s Most Important Principles, Animated

This clever (and brief!) video animates, as the title suggests, 24 design principles ranging from color, rhythm, and texture to negative space, grids, and patterns. It was created by Matt Greenwood, a Toronto-based art director and motion designer, and ends with the fairly controversial (in the design community anyway) claim that design involves moving things around “until it feels right.”

Does blogging still matter in 2014?

I’ve been blogging both personally and professionally for the last seven years or so, which is probably why this post caught my attention. The author’s basic premise is that social platforms such as Twitter have replaced the interactive element blogging offered once upon a time. He also asserts (rightly, I believe) that great products and services drive more word of mouth than any content we could create and that people don’t read anyway. This post appeared on Mark Schaefer’s {grow} blog, which Schaefer is quick to note still serves as an effective tool for his business.

The Broken Art of Company Blogging (and the Ignored Metric that Could Save Us All)

If you still thinking blogging matters after reading the prior post, you should DEFINITELY read this one by Moz Associate Dan Shure. Dan’s premise is that if your corporate blog is not getting any comments then it is failing and you should probably kill it. Whether or not you agree that “comments per post” is the blogging KPI that will save us all, this post should lead corporate bloggers (and I’m including myself here) to look at their efforts, ask the tough questions, and, if you don’t like the answers, do something about it.

The Fasinatng … Frustrating … Fascinating History of Autocorrect

This entertaining and well-written post calls autocorrect “the overlooked underwriter of our era of mobile prolixity” and goes on to interview Microsoft’s Dean Hachamovitch—the inventor on the patent for autocorrect—about this ubiquitous innovation’s circuitous and colorful evolution. The article also boasts great illustrations of popular autocorrect fails.

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