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UX and Marketing on the same page? Upcoming Online Seminar...

UX and Marketing on the same page? Upcoming Online Seminar...

Can UX and Marketing get on the same page when it comes to improving websites, conversion rates and customer experience? Can cats and dogs live together? The Eisenberg's seem to think so...

As usual, Jefferey Eisenberg really hits the nail on the head when he says:

"Persuasion is the next step in conversion rate marketing's evolutionary chain; it's the stage where we evolve beyond primitive relevance and weave into the user experience a compelling force that delights users. You mayclear every last one of your conversion hurdles, but you will still face the question of how you move your prospects from click to click, how you orchestrate persuasive momentum. Building persuasive, persona-based scenarios that allow prospects to "buy naturally" is the only way to achieve the dramatic results that are possible when you think beyond conversion."

He's underlining (in bright red sharpie) the fact that organizations need to take a holistic and user-centered approach to the way we orchestrate interactions with customers...which is exactly where a solid user experience practice kicks you-know-what. However, the real challenge usually comes from the conflict that exists within the organization due to different goals and objectives, such as when Marketing is chasing paid search or other SEO objectives. Fortunately, Jeffery shares a valuable tool with us that will help get our organizations all on the same page, doing things we want them to do, to help improve our site and our user experience: it's Google's Quality Score.

Aquent would like to help you undestand the secrets behind Google's Quality Score, design a better web site, help your marketers get better rankings, and get everybody on the same page as to what your customers need and want...

In an upcoming UIE online seminar, Produce a More Persuasive Site: Where Design & Marketing Meet, Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg will be sharing some useful tips to help us understand the Google Quality Score.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why you must keep relevance, credibility, and navigation in mind when developing content
  • How Google is relying on the hidden signals of the user experience more than ever before
  • How persuasion is different from task orientation & why that's important

Full Disclaimer: We are huge fans of UIE and the virtual seminars they put on, and we have been a proud sponsor of many of their events this year. We love to host UX team lunch-n-learns, or if you're an Aquent talent feel free to contact me and we'll setup a viewing at your local Aquent office. To read more of Jeffery's article:


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