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UK to See Boom in Digital Jobs Market

UK to See Boom in Digital Jobs Market image
UK to See Boom in Digital Jobs Market

The digital sector in the UK is seeing strong signs of renewed confidence, according to the new European Market Eye report from the industry’s specialist recruitment consultancy Aquent.

The survey of digital agencies found that the number of organisations recruiting permanent staff is expected to increase to a massive 80%. Additionally, almost half are also expecting to see salary increases over the next six months, nearly double the number of organisations that have awarded pay rises over the last half a year.

The employment prospects in the digital arena looked stronger than any other area of marketing and design, although the overall picture was still positive, with over 60% of companies expecting to hire and around a third predicting salary rises. 

Elsewhere in Europe, France is also showing positive signs of recovery. Just over a third (36%) of digital agencies are predicting salary increases over the next few months and the number of companies recruiting looks set to rise from 55% to 73%. The recovery is more gradual in the Netherlands, with the number of organisations hiring and increasing salaries looking set to remain the same, at 40% and 20% respectively.  

“The UK marketing and design sector was hit hard by the global downturn and after 18 months of little hiring across the industry, we’re certainly now seeing signs of recovery and the market hotting up” comments Peter Geary, Aquent’s UK Regional Director.

“It is especially interesting to see the boom in recruitment for digital skill sets as web 2.0 becomes an increasingly important tool for businesses looking for new ways to engage with their customers. It is very reassuring to see these measurable signs of confidence returning and companies beginning to plan for the future again.”


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