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Twitter Talk in More Than 140 Characters

Twitter Talk in More Than 140 Characters

I recently had the exciting opportunity to speak at a Media Leaders networking event on one of my favorite forms of social networking: Twitter. A lot of people have requested a copy of my notes so I am posting them here for your enjoyment:


A. Seek out like-minded influencers to follow then tag your account under similar categories. Here are popular twitter directories (a great start).

B. Immediately interact with influencers by @ing them. (Comment, ask them questions… get involved!) Don’t @ for the sake of it – start an intelligent exchange. Also, use hashtags # when tweeting about big topics, so people can find you.

C. Get integrated! Have a blog? Facebook page? E-newsletter? Business card/email signature? Promote your twitter account on these to gain followers from your other social networks!


A. Have good content (valuable, relevant, entertaining, newsworthy) for your network. This could be anything. But, make sure it’s RELEVANT to the group you want to attract.

B. Have a short, enticing description to get people to click on link (use a url shortener to make your tweet easier to be RT’d: are some good ones). Don’t just say “check this out” – it may annoy people. Try using description of your reaction: “WOW! Inspiration to run more:

C. Once you get RT’d retweet yourself via follower to show your tweeple that others are excited about your stuff. Example:

anotorias THX! RT @aquenteer Nice! RT @anotorias WOW! Inspiration to run more:


A. Even if your twitter account is a corporate account don’t just spew out information (unless you’re the sigalert).

B. Mix it up. Add interesting/funny anecdotes. I like to make commentary and updates on our snackfood.

C. Know your identity! Be consistent about your image. Twitter is a place to share ideas. Don’t be afraid to fail (there are always more followers to gain).

That’s it. Now you’re ready to go! If you have any questions please feel free to follow me @aquenteer (work) or @anotorias (personal) and ask questions!


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