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Top 10: Books on Design (from Huffington Post)

Top 10:  Books on Design (from Huffington Post)

The Huffington Post has a great list of Design Books that they judged from the cover (and then from the inside). Click here for the link. Here’s the list and an excerpt:

Design plays more of a role in our lives than any of us likely realize. Whether its a distracting billboard, a well designed pair of shoes, or a gorgeous book, design plays into what we buy, how long we look at something, and how effective things are. Book design, as the old adage surely proves, is especially significant. No matter how hard we try, its hard not to judge a book by its cover. When you like what you see, it feels like a bonus if the pages of the book match up to what the cover promises.

Even if you only buy books so they look perfect on your coffee table, they’re part of your life. Just in case someone ever cracks those books open, you’ll want to make sure the insides are just as interesting as the outside. Check out our slideshow of ten particularly cool books on design.

1. American Streamlined Design: The World of Tomorrow
by David A. Hanks and Anne Hoy (Rizzoli)
“The twentieth-century’s fast cars, trains, and planes promised to conquer space and time; their aerodynamic styling and metallic bodies embodied a new and modern beauty that enchanted American designers from the late 1920s to the 1950s.” (From: Rizzoli)

2. Architecture Now! Houses
by Philip Jodidio (Taschen)
“Beyond the fundamental notion of shelter, what defines a house? The broad-ranging selection of extraordinary dwellings in the Architecture Now! Houses series shows the concept to be infinitely malleable: one house seems to hover above the ground, another is embedded in it; some have stark minimal lines, others have tropical gardens; some are palatial, others monastic—all of them displaying remarkable structural and aesthetic mastery.” (From: Taschen)

3. Design Research: The Store That Brought Modern Living to American Homes
by Jane Thompson and Alexandra Lange (Chronicle Books)
“When Ben Thompson opened Design Research in Boston in 1953, his innovative store became synonymous with modern interior design, lighting a public spark that still burns today, though the store itself is no longer.” (From: Chronicle Books)

4. Angaza Afrika: African Art Now
by Chris Spring (Laurence King Publishing)
“Africa’s artistic landscape is immensely fertile. It has emerged from its colonial past and is once again asserting its own identity. It is not confined to the continent itself, but has spread throughout the world through the work of those descended from the enforced migrations of the slave trade and those who have more recently left their homes in Africa to take their place on an international stage.” (From:Laurence King Publishing)

5. The Graphic Eye: Photographs by Graphic Designers from Around the Globe
By Stefan Bucher (Chronicle Books)
“Selected from the personal photography portfolios of some of the world’s most innovative graphic designers—including big international names such as Ed Fella, Jeri Heiden, and Marian Bantjes—the images in The Graphic Eye offer a glimpse into the working methods and obsessions of this unique class of visual creatives.”(From: Chronicle Books)

6. False Flat: Why Dutch Design Is So Good
by Aaron Betsky with Adam Eeuwens (Phaidon Books)
“An extensive and timely survey of innovative contemporary design in the Netherlands: always verging on the experimental and recognized universally as a melting-pot of cutting-edge twenty-first century creativity.” (From: Phaidon)

7. From Here to There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association
by Kris Harzinski (Princeton Architectural Press)
“It’s a situation we are all acquainted with: planning to visit friends in an unfamiliar part of the city, you draw yourself a rudimentary map with detailed directions. In March 2008, graphic designer Kris Harzinski founded the Hand Drawn Map Association in order to collect just such drawings of the everyday.” (From:Princeton Architectural Press)

8. Product Design in the Sustainable Era
by Julius Wiedemann (Taschen Books)
“Sustainability is not a passing fashion, and people are constantly searching for more information, products and innovations in this area. Designers, in turn, are responding with elegant, efficient, low-impact products that look towards a sustainable future.” (From: Taschen)

9. Inside the Painter’s Studio
by Joe Fig (Princeton Architectural Press)
“Inside an art gallery, it is easy to forget that the paintings there are the end products of a process involving not only creative inspiration, but also plenty of physical and logistical details. It is these “cruder,” more mundane aspects of a painter’s daily routine that motivated Brooklyn artist Joe Fig to embark almost ten years ago on a highly unorthodox, multilayered exploration of the working life of the professional artist.” (From: Princeton Architectural Press)

10. Japan Style
by Gian Carlo Calza (Phaidon Books)
“This book describes and defines what ‘Japan style’ is. It explores specific achievements in Japanese art and architecture, but also offers an in-depth analysis of the whole of Japanese culture, its vision of the world and of humankind.” (From: Phaidon)


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