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The future keeps getting brighter, doesn’t it?

Hear me out… what about a Website that changes according to whatever you like to see in sites. Say one that senses whether or not you are detail oriented (and let’s face is, is anyone who browses the Web?) and then changes according to those findings.

Science fiction?


Okay, that was a little much, but researchers at MIT’s Sloan School of Management are looking to help make sites adapt automatically to each visitor, depending on that person’s style of thinking.

It’d be like walking into Whole Foods and everything turned into organic 70% dark chocolate.

Well, for some.

The researchers have already built a prototype for British Telecom that, within 10 clicks, the system makes a guess at the user’s cognitive style and morphs to fit.

Yes, 10 clicks is a lot, but then again you have to consider that the calculator my father was using in college took up the wing of a building.

So it’s a bit more advanced than that.

The full article is here at Technology Review.


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