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The Decline of Traditional Marketing?

The Decline of Traditional Marketing? image
The Decline of Traditional Marketing?

I have been a senior marketer for many years now and recently I have really started to feel that marketing is moving more and more to a digital or online function. Am I being a bit too paranoid? I hope there will always be a place for traditional marketing in the mix.

The Aquent Oracle says:

Whilst the concept of digital, on line or interactive is certainly being applied to many parts of the marketing mix, it would certainly be a long way off before the idea of marketing is a purely digital function. You raise a very valid point though, however rest assured traditional marketing will always play a key role. You are not being paranoid, but rather than thinking about the traditional “4 Ps of Marketing” … perhaps you may want to keep a fifth one in the back of your mind … P for Portals


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