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The Benefits of Temp-to-Perm Placements

The Benefits of Temp-to-Perm Placements

Question: Would you move in with a partner after meeting them twice?

Answer: No way!

You wouldn’t move in with somebody and commit to a long-term relationship after two dates, so why would you hire someone after two interviews?

The Problem

Too often, we hear stories from clients after they have recruited a new employee directly on a permanent basis and it hasn’t worked out. This is disheartening not only for the client, who has invested time and money into training this person but also for the talent, who will either resign within their first three months before completing their probation period, or worse still, stay in a position in which they are unhappy for fear of ruining their CV with a short stint. If they do stay longer, a year for example, they will most likely be constantly on the lookout for another position and this will cause both parties to suffer until the inevitable break up.

Why does this happen?

With the market still recovering following the GFC, there is understandably still some nervousness amongst companies when it comes to hiring someone on a permanent basis. However, often clients feel rushed to hire sometime due to workload or a handover deadline from the incumbent, so they feel the need to take whomever is the best candidate available at the time. As with all relationships, jumping into a full on commitment during a period of desperation very rarely produces a positive outcome.

The good news is that staff budgets are starting to increase again, both freelance and permanent hiring is on the rise but if you are hiring someone permanently, even after two or three interview rounds, how can you be sure that this is the right match for you?

The Solution

Rather than risking the chance of ‘choosing the best of a bad bunch’ why not try temp-to-perm hiring?

Following the GFC, the market is no longer overly saturated with talent and as always, GREAT talent are still in severe shortage. Clients today who are looking to expand their headcount will know it is imperative to ensure that new additions meet the skill set requirements and compliment the personal attributes of the team. Industry benchmarks have risen significantly over the past eighteen months and taking on a new employee through a temp-to-perm placement will allow you to observe their skill-set/cultural fit and ensure this is line with what you are looking for. A temp-to-perm placement will not only give you the opportunity to check out their abilities in a real-world trial but also how they get on with your existing team.

Temp-to-perm is not only a brilliant solution for clients, but for talent too! Remember, the talent will be assessing you as much as you are them. This allows them to check out your company too, as well as the environment and how they get along with their peers and managers.

The most important outcome of temp-to-perm hiring is that it is low risk, ensuring that both parties don’t jump into anything head first and commit to a relationship they are not really happy in.

Making it easy for you!

AQUENT not only offer this fantastic temp-to-perm solution to our clients, which increases your chances of guaranteeing the perfect fit, but we stand by it so strongly that were happy to reduce our fee, as we believe it works so well!

At AQUENT, we offer a sliding scale for temp-to-perm placements, which can decrease to as low as a 10% fee!

Should you decide to hire an AQUENT talent on a temp-to-perm basis, you will be able to trial them on a three month ‘probation’ period first. Then, AQUENT will reduce the permanent placement fee by 1% for every week that the talent has worked, in excess of twelve weeks, until it reaches 10%. A win/win option for everyone!


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