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Expertise and passion for staffing user-focused design professionals

Expertise and passion for staffing user-focused design professionals image
Expertise and passion for staffing user-focused design professionals
It’s not hard to imagine that a company that lives and breathes marketing creativity would know a thing or two about UX and UI. Among the specific creative positions that we staff for some of the world’s biggest brands, you’ll find the ever-evolving field of UX and UI reflected in many roles. These include:

UX/Interaction Designers work with information architects, content developers and other user experience practitioners to simplify, streamline and optimize complex web-based application systems so that customers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Strategy Managers ensure UX projects and initiatives are developed accurately, delivered on time and within budget, and produce the desired outcome.

UI Engineers are the prototypers of the front end team. Their counterparts are often UI visual and production designers who create the actual artifacts and artwork to ensure that your projects result in efficient, effective and desirable user experiences.

If the disciplines of UX and UI are alphabet soup to you, Aquent is here to help. In addition to our industry-savvy technology team members, we have a staff of experts in the UX/UI field on hand to assist our clients and their agents in filling these critical roles. From deconstructing hard-to-fill positions to identifying next stages in project development, this level of consulting about exactly who and what you need for your company’s projects is what sets Aquent apart.

New to Aquent? Two managers who recently worked with us say working with talent who possess very specific expertise for their projects brings innovation at top speed! Contact an account director today to find out for yourself.


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