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Social RE-Media (or The Importance of Networking)

Social RE-Media (or The Importance of Networking)

As one of the Interactive Account Managers in the LA office, I manage Talent and client relationships. This means I am constantly talking to Talent about their job search and clients about their current and future needs. Having a gauge of the topography of the current job market goes without saying… And let’s face it, the job market has changed and fluctuated significantly over the past year. With the current scenario as it is (no matter where you are in your job search) it is important, now more than ever, to “think outside the box” (to be as cliché as possible about it).

So here are a few general suggestions that you may find useful. Here at Aquent, we love our Talent and want nothing but the best possible opportunities for them. As great as we are at marketing our Talent, we are but one of several resources you should be using to find a job opportunity. Aside from being signed up with a staffing agency and applying to positions on the job boards, NETWORKING is huge (especially now) in finding opportunities. You know the old saying, “it’s not what you know but who you know” – we are in LA after all!

But, Jenn, I hate the idea of networking,” you say (yes, someone actually said this to me recently). Well, baby steps will lead the way. Here are some steps:

1) Know what you do (target your network)
Depending on what your specialization is, there are several networking events that are being hosted by various organizations with a ton of highly reputable companies looking to meet talented people. Some of the up and coming events can be seen on our blog in the right hand column.

2) Seek our your networks
For finding relevant events or people in your field, is a good place to start. Say you’re a UX Designer… There’s UI/UX Meetup group that is just for you!
Check out for other local events sponsored or co-sponsored by the AIGA.
Check out your local college alumni group. also has online groups catered to job specific topics.
For all the technical Web devs in the house:

And there are many many more!

3) Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
Say you are not the most social person in the world. Okay, but you have to know this: you will never network yourself into your next career unless you try! Surrounding yourself with your peers at one of these networking events is the perfect way to get yourself geared for other events (or the same ones) where you can meet potential employers. What easier thing to talk about as a topic of conversation than your own professional expertise. When you find yourself starting off small (baby steps) by networking with peers (see step 2) you will not only get into the swing of what’s going on in your profession – you can learn helpful tips from people who do what you do. If you start off with the internet (get LinkedIn, Facebook,, and be a squeaky wheel – you are off to a good start!

4) Just Do It (I think that slogan is branded by someone else).
Get out there and make your own opportunities! Aquent has some awesome networking events coming up so make sure you check the blog or our Facebook page to keep up to date.

I just heard this morning that one of our Talent got an interview through meeting someone at a party. Opportunities are everywhere – you just need to get out and find them!

Hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to call and ask or email me at


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