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Sally Hogshead: Radical Careerist

Sally Hogshead: Radical Careerist image
Sally Hogshead: Radical Careerist

Sally Hogshead is the author of Radical Careering, a book that “helps you visualize your no-compromises future, so you can start to build it, piece by piece.” I came across Sally’s work via Ad Age where she writes a career-oriented column entitled, “Hogshead On.”

I have not read Sally’s book, though judging by the reviews on Amazon, people either love it a lot or hate it a lot. I have, however, read her blog and there were two posts that I thought may be of interest to readers of this blog.

First, there’s a lengthy post on “translating your skills from traditional to digital media.” Her main point is: if you haven’t embraced “digital” in your advertising/marketing career, then you should get ready to embrace obsolescence.

The second post I’ll point you to concerns the tyranny of THE idea. It’s a plea for openness, plurality, and flexibility when it comes to generating and pitching ideas. It struck a nerve with me because, a few weeks ago, a friend asked me for help naming his play. I came up with one name I liked but, when sending it to him, couldn’t help adding an alternate in case he didn’t like my first choice.

Initially, I thought it a sign of weakness or uncertainty to muddy the water with options. Then, Ms. Hogshead provided me a moment of clarity by pointing out that the true water-muddy-maker was a dogmatic attachment to the notion of a single, best idea.

Presenting several ideas doesn’t bespeak a lack of confidence in one’s particular vision; instead, it demonstrates respect for the unpredictable and unavoidably social consensus that determines aesthetic value and creative efficacy.

Or something like that.

Thanks, Sally!


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