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Q & A: What Are The 5 Disciplines of Marketing?

Q & A: What Are The 5 Disciplines of Marketing? image
Q & A: What Are The 5 Disciplines of Marketing?

In my recent webcast on marketing careers I spoke about the rise of marketing operations as an important development in the field. In doing so, I referred to "marketing operations," somewhat erroneously as it turns out, as the "fifth discipline of marketing." Hence, the above question. I based this statement on a conversation concerning the case for marketing operations that I conducted with MarketSphere's Mayer Becker towards the end of last year. As he put it then:

I think of marketing operations as the "fifth role" in marketing. Traditionally, marketing departments are responsible for four areas: brand, product, voice of customer, and revenue generation. The marketing operations role, which should be at the same level organizationally as these others, is responsible for making sure that the other functions are working together effectively and that people inside and outside the department understand how their activities are linked to the overarching corporate objectives.

I hope this answers this question.


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