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Pulp Friction

That didn’t take long.

Tropicana (part of PepsiCo) is scrapping their months-old new brand, created by Arnell Group, and going back to the old “straw in orange” approach.

A couple months? Really? With a multi-million dollar campaign?

According to the New York Times, “Tropicana officials confirmed that consumers had reacted negatively to the packaging change”.

They did not confirm (nor deny) was that consumers were throwing packages of orange juice around agitatedly and yelling, “Where’s the straw? What happened to the damn straw?!!!” at grocery stores around the country.

They always leave stuff like that out.

If you want to weigh in, it’s a topic of conversation over at Creative Pro–find out what other Designers are thinking (and weigh in). Certainly there should be some Marketers weighing in on this, right?


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