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Prototyping, Clickability, and Microcopy: What We’re Reading

by Steve Singer

Prototyping, Clickability, and Microcopy: What We’re Reading image
Prototyping, Clickability, and Microcopy: What We’re Reading

This week we're reading about prototyping, signaling "clickability," clever uses of microcopy, and getting feedback on design. What are you reading?

Deconstructing Fidelity

“Fidelity is the degree of exactness to which a model reproduces the real thing.” This post by Ken Soliva explores four different types of fidelity—contextual, content, behavioral, and visual—and discusses ways to use each to best effect when deciding how to present a prototype of a design or product. 

Designing Navigation On Mobile: Prototyping With Keynote

Speaking of prototyping, this post by Patrick Marsceill suggests some ways to use Keynote when prototyping mobile navigation systems.

Beyond Blue Links: Making Clickable Elements Recognizable

At this point in the web’s evolution, most people recognize a text link and understand the result of clicking on one. As the web becomes more visual, however, designers increasingly need to provide users with easily identifiable cues to better signify links. This post by Hoa Loranger describes techniques for creating text links, images, and buttons that may help eliminate confusion on the part of the user.

5 Clever Ways to Use Microcopy to Delight Your Website Visitors

“Microcopy," writes author Carly Stec, "refers to the small bits of text that work to color the rest of the content on the page.” Rather than using dry, jargon-filled copy to instruct or inform users, this post presents some examples of how developing a specific content voice can drive more effective interactions at a micro-level.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Collecting Design Feedback

Feedback is an important aspect of any project and building project plans to accommodate it helps move development forward. Here, Thomas Peham presents a brief guide to help designers and project managers avoid pitfalls when collecting design feedback. 

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