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Ron Leland on Brand Architecture and Design Careers: A Podcast Experience

Ron Leland on Brand Architecture and Design Careers: A Podcast Experience

Ron Leland of Real Life Brand Architecture is an architect by training, a surfer by vocation, and happens to be the president of the Orange County Chapter of the AIGA. He’s an enthusiastic, reflective, and interesting guy who has worked with a broad range of clients including mutual fund companies, wineries, and jazz prodigies like Matt Savage.
I had the chance to record an interview with Ron towards the end of last year but fate conspired against my posting the interview until now. It was worth the wait. Please listen in on our conversation as Ron talks about the power of architectural metaphors when communicating with design clients, his sometimes serpentine career path, and getting inspired to go to the next level.

You can check out the interview by listening below.

You are also welcome to download an mp3 of this interview by “right-clicking” (“control-clicking,” Mac-wise) on this link, or check out this and all other Talent Blog Podcasts on iTunes.
A few highlights of the interview can be found at the following time coordinates:
00:46 – Defining the word “brand”
02:36 – The power of architectural metaphors
03:50 – Brand architecture in practice: A case study from the film industry
07:07 – The need for a flexible brand development process
09:00 – Branding challenges when a company reaches the age of 130
11:33 – Measuring brand success: “Clear $30 million in 45 days”
15:47 – Branding a jazz prodigy
19:20 – High-end designer homes, surf club newsletters, and “real estate propaganda”
21:42 – What’s interesting about design conferences
22:26 – Getting the most out of the AIGA (Hint: It involves giving!)
26:00 – The outsider’s perspective and the dangers of “techno-speak”
30:19 – “Oh my gosh, I’ve got stuff to learn”


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