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Marketing vs Finance - A Podcast Experience

Marketing vs Finance - A Podcast Experience

A few months back I created and posted a podcast here on producing successful creative briefs. Now I've returned to the podcasting arena with another podcast on the tensions between Marketing and Finance. As you can hear for yourself, I initiated the conversation by asking if there is in actual fact a tension between marketing and finance.

Mark Anderson, CFO of Granite City Electric Supply Company, responded, "If you define 'tension,' as 'people coming after each other with hatchets,' then yes, there is tension." While there was no actual bloodshed during the conversation, it became clear that the tension is very real, has several causes, and is somewhat entrenched. The good news is, the tension can be resolved and the two functions can work together productively.

In addition to Mr. Anderson, I was joined for this discussion by: Peter DeLegge, publisher of Marketing Today; Professor Bob Taggart of Boston College's Carroll School of Management; and, Nina Eigerman, President of Aquent Consulting. The basic message of this podcast, which echoes the work of MarketingNPV's Pat LaPointe, is that Marketing and Finance are best served when they collaborate to create a common set of metrics and a shared understanding of their respective goals and cultures.

Click on the link provided to download it and listen to it at your leisure.

Thanks to Jen Stewart for coordinating the podcast and thanks to YOU for listening!


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