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Gary Katz on Marketing Operations (M0)

Gary Katz on Marketing Operations (M0) image
Gary Katz on Marketing Operations (M0)

Gary Katz is the CEO and founder of Marketing Operations Partners. Gary is a thought leader in the emerging field of marketing operations, a field to which he brings both a keen intellect and a missionary zeal. I caught up with Gary and recorded this interview with him, which I present for your podcasting enjoyment. In it, he defines "marketing operations," discusses the benefits of this approach as well as the challenges - both organizational and, for lack of a better word, psychological - faced by anyone trying to implement it within their company. Listen to what he's got to say and find out why he refers to marketing operations as a "cosmic universal force." To get down to the nitty gritty, listen below.

You may also download the mp3 by "right-clicking" ("control-clicking," Mac-wise)this link here, or check out all the Talent Blog Podcasts on iTunes. Highlights of the podcast can be found at the following time coordinates: 00:46 - What is Marketing Operations? 02:12 - What problems should the Marketing Operations approach fix? 05:00 - Marketing vs. Sales: Who's driving? 07:10 - "Sophistication" 10:31 - Ideal metrics 11:25 - Challenges faced by organizations when implementing Marketing Operations 16:30 - MO - A Cosmic, Universal Force 18:37 - Overcoming the challenges 21:40 - Getting C-level support 26:10 - MO: The future of marketing? 29:49 - The missionary sell Image Courtesy of Pernell.


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