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New Podcast: Erik Hauser Talks about Experiential Marketing, Emotional Connections, and Gene Simmons!

New Podcast: Erik Hauser Talks about Experiential Marketing, Emotional Connections, and Gene Simmons!

Ever since I spoke to Erik Hauser last year I’ve been looking for an opportunity to speak with him again. He’s optimistic, he’s infectiously enthusiastic, and he has a lot to say on a lot of different topics almost any hour of the day or night (as anyone who follows the Experiential Marketing Forum knows).

Long story short, I asked him if I could interview him for a podcast, and he amicably agreed. Rather than asking him to define “experiential marketing” for the umpteenth time, I thought instead it would be more illuminating to talk about emotionally connecting with brands, using experiential marketing techniques when searching for a job, and, of course, Gene Simmons. So that’s what we did.

I invite you to listen in on our conversation. You are welcome to download an mp3 of this interview by “right-clicking” (“control-clicking,” Mac-wise) on this link.

A few highlights of the interview can be found at the following time coordinates:

00:59 – Gene Simmons: The Genius
05:19 – You need a 3rd Party to serve as “Keeper of the Brand”
10:04 – You want to raise demand? Decrease the supply! (From Hydrox to Polaroid)
12:01 – The “outside perspective”
14:45 – The EMF: How moderating discussions increases their value
16:08 – Keys to nurturing a vital online community
20:05 – “Experiential” is a methodology, not a tactic

More noteworthy time coordinates:

21:27 – The Kings of Commodification get it: “Save Money, Live Better”
22:55 – “Every brand should be considered a friend”
24:00 – “We’re emotional creatures” (Guess what? Our decisions aren’t always rational)
27:58 – The conversational economy
30:33 – Camus and existential marketing: “We must undergo experience”
33:19 – One of the biggest misses in the history of Super Bowl advertising
37:13 – Experiential marketing in the job search
38:56 – “I look at every interview as an experiential marketing campaign”
41:07 – “What are you going to do, in every aspect of your life, to make yourself stand out?”
43:00 – Finding the Universal Truth that everyone can relate to
44:10 – “Do you understand how hard it is to do our job?” – Marketing, that is…
46:43 – Career opportunities today: The Flight to Quality


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