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Plan on Going Global with Your Marketing before Actually Going Global

Plan on Going Global with Your Marketing before Actually Going Global

As part of the follow-up to webcast Aquent sponsored devoted to Seven Key Insights for Global Marketing and Brand Management, I called up Sarah Schuh who is general manager of Aquent’s Multilingual Communications offering. Sarah has been working in the marketing translation and localization space for many years now and I thought she could help some of you out there with her experience and insights.

I recorded a podcast with Sarah and in our conversation she made one thing perfectly clear: when it comes to localization, translating copy from one language to the next is actually the easy part. Indeed, the real work happens well before any copy is handed over to the translators. That work involves clarification of your core marketing message, ensuring that this message meaningfully addresses a real audience in the target market, and planning for eventual localization when designing critical marketing instruments such as websites. There’s nothing worse than having to add to the cost of translation the cost of redesigning your site to accommodate the expanded text produced by moving from English to, say, German.

To get down to the nitty gritty, you can hear the podcast by listening below.

You can also download the mp3 by “right-clicking” (“control-clicking,” Mac-wise) this link here, or check out all the Talent Blog Podcasts on iTunes.

Highlights of the podcast can be found at the following time coordinates:
01:08 – Does your target audience even exist in another market?
03:18 – It’s not just words: How do your visual elements translate?
05:20 – Take localization into account when creating the original message
07:20 – Define the use of company terminology
10:00 – Plan for expansion of foreign text
12:08 – The investment in planning vs. The cost of getting it wrong
13:33 – What companies should look for in their localization partner
17:35 – The cause of localization disasters
20:39 – Is “success” just the absence of “disaster”?


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