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Pigs Still Not Flying (On Having a Resume)

Pigs Still Not Flying (On Having a Resume)

Someone’s trying to start a revolution.

And, wouldn’t you know it, it’s Seth Godin.

His recent post, Why bother having a resume? started a bit of discussion around the blogosphere, but the bare facts are, yes, you still need a resume.

Seth’s point is that if you “you’re remarkable, amazing or just plain spectacular, you probably shouldn’t have a resume at all.”


I like Heather Hamilton’s point, “Donald Trump doesn’t need a resume, Seth Godin doesn’t need a resume. You? You need a resume.”

Make that “You, me, and Heather Hamilton.” (No, Susie, I’m not currently looking for work.)

Seth Godin’s job is to shake things up, to be, in his own self-description, an “agent of change” (for some reason I’m thinking about the time Lenny Kravitz declared his album was better than Sgt. Pepper, then later admitted he just said it to hype sales). But really, there’s little information in this post for 99.999% of folks looking for work.

Not only should you have a resume, you should pay very close attention to the information you put on it.

Most importantly, have a Grammar Police friend proofread it. (True, I heard tell of a Recruiter who’d toss any resume who misspelled QuarkXPress.)

And when you change it, have them proof it again.

Make it as cool or as daring as you want, just as long as you have a resume.

We’re still big on these tidbits for style:

  • Keep to 1-2 full pages and use letter size paper
  • Use bullet points, bold type, etc.
  • Use past tense without subject (eg. created, worked developed, implemented) except with current position
  • Market your skills and experience relevant to the position you are looking for
  • Analyze ads and job descriptions to identify keywords
  • Use power/action words to get attention
  • Prioritize the content of your resume (most important=first)
  • Tweak and target each of your resume(s) and cover letter(s)
  • Keep your resume updated!
  • State URL of profile or portfolio site

I’ve got a PDF we produced a few years ago with Dos & Don’ts if you are interested.

Just write me.


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