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Personas, Design Analytics, and Effective Images: What We’re Reading

by Steve Singer

Personas, Design Analytics, and Effective Images: What We’re Reading

Should you use characters instead of personas? Can analytics help improve user experience design? Do "About Us" pages serve a purpose? Should homepages be different from all other pages? What kinds of images are the most effective to use in your content? 

We found answers to all these questions (and more!) in the following articles: 

Replacing Personas With Characters

Personas are used to fully describe users and help designers and developers devise better solutions for them. We’ve covered some of the ways that personas fall short, but this article goes further by arguing that thinking in terms of characters, rather than personas, may be bring better results.

Designing with Analytics

By picking the right metrics and tools, and learning how to use them, UXers can improve the products and experiences they are designing. At least, that's what this article contends!

Great Summaries on "About Us" Pages Engage Users and Build Trust

Because visitors spend so little time on most sites, it’s imperative that designers and writers use every method available to quickly build a sense of trust. According to this article, “People are more inclined to engage further once they’ve determined you’re worth the effort.” A well-told tale on your "About Us" page can let them know you are!

The Homepage Exception

Despite the best efforts of content strategists and designers to impose order and consistency across a site, the author of this article argues that the homepage may be the one place where exceptions are allowed. Why? Because, "It’s the most human page on the site, where the potential helpfulness of computer robots collides with the messy reality of humans."

The 8 Types of Images That Increase the Psychological Impact of Your Content

Using visuals is an important way to increase the "stickiness" of content. Choosing the right image is an art, in part, but this post presents ideas and resources to help designers and copywriters approach image selection a bit more scientifically.

Image Source (Creative Commons): Nicolas Nova.

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