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On the Web, No One Knows How Fuzzy You Are

On the Web, No One Knows How Fuzzy You Are image
On the Web, No One Knows How Fuzzy You Are

We recently conducted a survey of internal staff asking them to name the marketing piece or campaign we’ve run that they liked the best. The most popular item named was a direct mail piece we sent out some years back that everyone refers to as “the fuzzy postcard.”

The card was “fun” (the question on the back read, “Are your design and production projects getting a little hairy?”), quirky, and memorable. Several staffers recalled seeing the card prior to working with Aquent and others mentioned seeing it on display in client offices. That members of the design community thought enough of this card to hang on to it is, methinks, not nothing, and, in fact, quite an enviable fate for a bit of direct mail.

Two questions, however, immediately spring to my febrile mind:

  1. Is there a marketing, advertising, or promotional piece that Aquent has used that struck YOUR fancy, dear blog-reader?
  2. Since our marketing (in every sense of the word) is moving more and more web-wards, how can we replicate the shag-rug tactility of this piece in a realm where sight and sound are the reigning senses?


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