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Multichannel Marketing and You

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Multichannel Marketing and You

When I was a kid in New Jersey, the night before Halloween was often spent pulling pranks around the neighborhood – this was called Mischief Night (not to be confused with Detroit’s arson-laden Devil’s Night).

Probably as a responsible Marketer, come October 30th you’ll want to be doing something a little more responsible than TPing trees or creating a radio drama that alludes to an ongoing Martian invasion.

Which is why I suggest instead listening to Aquent’s sponsored AMA Webcast on Multichannel Marketing with Akin Arikan, Senior Segment Manager for Internet marketing at Unica. Arikan is also the author of Multichannel Marketing, which is a book aimed at providing marketers “practical methods for integrating marketing metrics and actions across online and offline channels.”

The Webcast “guides you through how best to leverage cross-channel behavior analysis and overcome the online/offline chasm so you can improve customer-centric marketing and avoid common cross-channel marketing pitfalls.”


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