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More Characteristics of Viral Marketing...

More Characteristics of Viral Marketing...

In a recent post I introduced the concept of Viral Marketing…

Just a quick recap: Viral marketing is an online tool which plants the seed of an idea, product or service which later on spreads virally through social networks.

I have intentionally chosen to use the word seed. In fact the terminology for beginning a viral marketing is also called seeding. If we want to create a viral effect of spreading the idea, we begin with a hot Idea. Most people have the questions as where do we go to post our content? Who will follow us on this idea and how do we create the viral effect?

A seed idea which is a corollary to a “meme” has to have the 6 “R” characteristics which I call it the 6Rs…

  • Replication ability: It has to have an inherent quality of being able to copy itself and fast. Something on the lines of the latest fashion trends in the physical world, a seed idea has to become a rage online.
  • Reach: This will address your million dollar question how do I make people follow me? There has to be an analysis the social platforms you are currently using and your strategy. Does a You Tube upload create more excitement or do you create a blog which receives rave comments? The idea has to start spreading instantly.
  • Regular audience: This is your own on-line popularity chart counter! How many of your friends, relatives and colleagues are a member of your social community online and how many of them like you enough to spread the message?
  • Resilience: The idea has to have some type of resilience to be a continued discussion point. It cannot have a short life span. It has to tease, excite and provoke people to talk about it.
  • Reliance: Since the whole concept of viral marketing is on the basis of social networks, we need to rely on the source and the seed idea. The originator has to have a reliability factor which encourages the people to move this idea forward.
  • Response: Nothing makes an idea more popular than feedback. The more conversations and the more the arguments the better. At least there is enough interest created around the seed to grow it.

Happy seeding!


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