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Mmmm, It's War

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Mmmm, It's War

Maybe it’s just because I read the LA Times Food Section every Wednesday that I’ve noticed this other, non-computer related, war going on.

It started, it seemed, with a full page ad from Campbell’s Select Harvest shown above, letting everyone know that this Progresso soup had MSG and theirs had none.

Soon there was a full page ad from Progresso, “Campbell’s has 95 soups made with MSG. Progresso has 26 delicious soups with no MSG (and more to come).”

Then one from Campell’s.

Then one from Progresso?

Actually I sort of lost count because, sorry to inform both companies, I don’t really eat soup.

In fact, in the years since I was daily chowing down Maruchan Ramen Noodles (aka The Lean Years), I’ve really come to think of canned soups as the food item that my grandmother would beat me for eating.

So no, once again this advertisement war is not working for me.

Maybe if you put my grandmother in the ad.

I’m wondering is it just Political Fever that driving all these smear campaigns?

What say you?


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