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Marketing Technology Managers: How to Hire When the Role Is Always Evolving

Marketing Technology Managers: How to Hire When the Role Is Always Evolving

While the role of Marketing Technology Manager is relatively new, the skills required have been in demand for a long time. A great MarTech Manager is like a trained operative: They have the latest technology innovations at their fingertips, always have a backup plan, finish what they start and lead their teams to marketing success despite all odds. When things don’t go as planned, they think on their feet to come out on top. Here’s how to find the super-agent your marketing department can’t live without.

Realize How Much Has Changed

Marketing and technology have been completely transformed in less than 30 years. In the 1990s, IT departments and marketing teams were completely separate. In contrast, today ubiquitous tech tools and increasingly digital marketing methods mean that these teams are more interdependent than ever.

Now, competition drives almost constant innovation and creates the need for ongoing research and education. Marketing Technology Managers help bridge the gap.

Why You Need a Marketing Technology Manager

If your marketing efforts are digital, they’re managed by software. And if they’re managed by software, you need someone to act as the bridge between technology and marketing. By 2018, a third of the world’s advertising budget will be devoted to digital, and currently, there are over 5,200 marketing tools to choose from (so far!), making it hard to stay on top of the latest marketing technology.

92% of companies with Marketing Technology Managers have set aside money for innovation, meaning that companies with an excellent MarTech strategy keep moving forward. As a result, these companies marketing technology stacks stay on the cutting edge, and their marketing departments lead the competition. Marketers have the data to identify trends as they emerge and use them to fuel even greater inspiration. If your business has already invested in MarTech, a Marketing Technology Manager can ensure that you make the most of your investment.


Defining the Position

It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a Marketing Technology Manager before you start the search. A Marketing Technology Manager, also known as a Marketing Technologist, is the bridge between the marketing staff and IT team. Such managers are industry bilinguals, fluently speaking the language of both marketing and technology. They help make sure employees get trained in new software applications as they become available and adopt these technologies to impact the business. They lead the IT department in locating and integrating new marketing technology into existing stacks for seamless integration and maximum ability to measure effectiveness. Here are just some of their key responsibilities:

• Aligning available technology with business and marketing goals

• Acting as a liaison to IT, making technology requests from marketing and ensuring marketing systems adhere to IT policies

• Identifying the need for new technology solutions and seeking appropriate providers

• Ensuring existing tools are being utilized effectively and continue to meet the needs of the business

• Helping create new digital business models

• Selecting tools and software to convert new leads and retain existing customers

• Configuring publishing systems

• Managing the tech platforms that make marketing initiatives possible

• Managing multiple deadlines, projects, and budget requirements

Depending on the specific needs of your organization, you may need someone to handle some or all of the above tasks. Most importantly, you need to have clearly defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that measure the success of this individual in your organization. As you’d guess, MarTech managers are data- and process-driven, and they thrive with clear expectations and goals for their role.

A good Marketing Technology Manager doesn’t just know software; he or she knows people. The right person should have a clear understanding of your business’ overall mission and be able to apply technology toward that goal in a way everyone can understand. High-level presentation skills and impressive data analysis abilities make this possible.

With a background in IT and a passion for marketing technology trends, they are comfortable educating others on the latest technology, which helps make transitions to new platforms and tools smoother for all key stakeholders.

Finding the Right Person

Finding the right Marketing Technology Manager is like hiring any other employee—you need to find the best fit for both the company and the employee. But, there are a few considerations specific to MarTech roles that you should keep in mind.

1 - Make sure you’re clear on your marketing strategy and can articulate what success looks like in your organization. You’ll need to know what’s on the horizon in order to create job requirements and responsibilities, and remember, while these individuals are able to craft new ways of doing things, they work best with clear goals and expectations.

2 - Communication skills are mission critical. It’s not just their analytical brains that will help you create great marketing, it’s their ability to get others to follow and adopt new ways of doing things. To assess them, ask about their biggest success (or challenge!) creating and implementing a new technology or process in their prior roles. Then you’ll see how they go about making change and whether that fits your team.

3 - Assess the MarTech products you currently use (or those you’d like to use), and seek out candidates who are experienced with the tools and strategies that support your goals. In general, MarTech managers are great at understanding and learning NEW technology, so keep an open mind, but it’s never a bad idea to find someone with perspective on your desired tools as well.

4 - Seek out candidates who don’t just come with the skills you currently require, but who will continue to learn and study emerging technology. Ask questions about where (and how) they stay on top of trends in technology. Be sure your organization is prepared to support this individual with ongoing training and learning opportunities. You may even be able to woo a strong candidate with the offer of additional paid training, so ask what their expectations are through the interview process.

While it’s true that this role is “new” (and talent are in high demand), hiring the right person for your team is all about being prepared, knowing what’s important to candidates, and being able to position your company’s unique value to attract the best talent.

Still have questions about how to find your perfect Marketing Technology Manager? Aquent has been placing MarTech talent for years - well before that buzzword got hot - so our agents are uniquely qualified to help uncover your specific needs to find the right talent for your business. We also engage industry experts to triple-check that our Marketing Technology talent have the skills you need. Contact an Aquent agent in your industry to find a great match!


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