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Loyalty pays for itself

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Loyalty pays for itself

Aquent talent increased online revenue by $20M

Even the nation’s top tech giants have to show persistent, steady growth in customer loyalty in order to keep pace with the competition. Clients from one Fortune 500 corporation needed a candidate who was capable of overseeing a dramatically increasing budget and deliver growth traffic and ROI conversions to their website. Our client, Barry, didn’t think it would be an easy feat. Until Aquent delivered Brittany, that is.

“Over the past two quarters we have challenged Brittany with higher and higher goals,” said Barry. “And she met the challenge while overachieving expectations.” He said she also faced these difficult challenges with poise and an outstanding attitude.

Brittany was responsible for driving more than 2 million visits to our website with her vehicles,” said Barry. “This represented 48% of our total traffic for the quarter, leading to an estimated $20 million in revenue.” Further, Brittany’s accomplishments over the past four quarters have shown a 500% increase in ROI.

Brittany’s eye toward innovation may be a financial boon to our client, one of the biggest PC vendors in the country. And her ability to challenge the status quo and look for the newest, most innovative technology didn’t go unnoticed. According to Barry, “Brittany’s tactics kept our program on the bleeding edge of market trends.”

Almost as important as her growth metrics, “Brittany has a passion that is contagious,” said Shannon, another member of Barry’s team. “She is a team player that we love having around.”

Aquent provides clients access to talent capable of producing measurable results and who also possess infinite drive and ambition. “Brittany would be an asset to any organization,” says Shannon. “We hope that it’s always ours!”


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