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Aquent talent delivers A-plus event for C-level clients

Aquent talent delivers A-plus event for C-level clients image
Aquent talent delivers A-plus event for C-level clients

Exceptional customer experience helps technology execs build great customer relationships

Our client, a new CCO for a global computer giant, recently needed to organize a small dinner party for CIOs and key decision makers from their top accounts. His plan was to include one-on-one time with the company’s president, so an average customer appreciation event wasn’t what he had in mind. When Aquent presented our client with Seynabou, an experienced customer engagement manager, we knew she could handle the pressure of working with the C-suite audience this client engages every day.

Seynabou’s manager Diane explained that the new CCO was determined to provide memorable customer engagement activities. Seynabou was tasked with conceptualizing and executing his dinner party idea for his customers, the CIOs of the world’s largest technology brands.

“Seynabou was meticulous and very detail oriented. From her weekly calls with the sales directors, to the invitations, venue selection, and food and beverage choices, she provided flawless event management interface from start to finish,” said Diane. “Her communication was on target with both our customers and the internal stakeholders,” she added.

Craig, an internal sales director, agreed with Diane’s assessment of their Aquent superstar. “Seynabou did an awesome job. And more importantly, everyone felt the customer connection at this event,” he said.

This exceptional customer experience paid off in spades. The CIOs from our client’s top accounts were able to hold meaningful conversations with each other, as well as receive coveted individual time with the company’s industry-influential president.

It was an experience all will remember.


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