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Lessons From Her Geekness

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Lessons From Her Geekness

Though I’m not really a fan of the word “geek” (wonder why that is?), especially when it’s used to refer to someone who is incredibly sharp at what they do, Anne-Marie Concepcion calls herself one and we’ll just have to go with that.

Anne-Marie runs DesignGeek Central,which is a great site if you’re looking to get help:

  1. Lending a hand when clients hand you files so ancient or obscure that they’re unreadable
  2. Making editable arrows in Photoshop
  3. Converting custom letterhead to Microsoft Word templates
  4. Screen-sharing with far away clients
  5. Teaching Microsoft Word to Creative Pros

Not so geeky, huh?

I mean, no one would ever call Bill Gates a geek, right?

Well, not to his face.

While vacationing on his yacht.

Not me, anyway.

Bill, are you listening?

Thanks again to the sharp folks at who may or may not be geeks for pointing us to this great site.


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