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"Just Good, Smart Marketing" - Erik Hauser on the State of Experiential

Well, I’m back in the podcast saddle (thought I did one in September, but turns out I’ve maintained radio silence since May – yikes!) and talking with my friend Erik Hauser (with whom I’ve spoken once or twice before. Erik has done a lot from introducing Wells Fargo to Second Life (after a fashion) to founding and moderating the Experiential Marketing Forum. Most recently, he joined Euro RSCG 4D Impact in the role of VP, Executive Creative Director.

We tried to keep the conversation short this time around, but it still clocks in close to 30 minutes. Compared to past encounters, this one is fairly laid back, though nevertheless replete with nuggets of genuine human insight and emotion on everything from brand responsibility to the power of voice. Highlights can be located at the following temporal coordinates:

01:18 – “Experiential is just good, smart marketing”
03:55 – “Just because the technology exists, doesn’t mean you have to use it”
06:18 – Make a good experience great, and a great experience epic
10:25 – Super Bowl 2009 Ads
14:22 – Budweiser and “the heritage play”
16:39 – “A brand is the sum of experiences you have with the brand”
21:19 – To get a job: use the traditional channels, but then go that extra mile
22:13 – “Desperation is a cologne that no one wears well”

You are also welcome to download an mp3 of this interview by “right-clicking” (“control-clicking,” Mac-wise) on this link. Finally, this and other Talent Blog Podcasts are always available on iTunes. (Note: At the time of posting, I was having pinging issues with iTunes. If you can’t find the podcast there now, it should appear within the next 24 hours.)
Finally, I have three words for you: Cash 4 Gold!


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