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Interview tip #1 - First Impressions Count!

Interview tip #1 - First Impressions Count! image
Interview tip #1 - First Impressions Count!

I’ve got bad news - our mums are right - you do only get one chance to make a first impression.

Jobs go to the person best suited to do the job, right?

Well maybe.

What actually happens is that the job goes to the person perceived to be the best for the job. In case that sounds too cynical, I should flag that a lot of the time, the successful candidate is both of the above. But why is it not always the case? Often it’s because human beings are swayed by many factors when hiring someone and a chronically under-considered factor is that area often labeled “gut feel” or “fit.” So how can you ensure you present yourself in a way that will get you the job?

Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes and ask yourself what they will be looking for, over and above skills and experience levels. Every company wants people that are enthusiastic, likeable, engaging and determined. If you are all of the above but don’t always show it, you need to find ways for you to show those strengths. You don’t need to create a fake persona; you just need to ensure that those traits make an appearance at the right times during the interview.

More tips coming your way, but in the meantime, check out some of these links from Aquent’s blog in North America.


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