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Interactive Marketing Specialists

Aquent provided the specialized talent a top North America retailer needed to remain competitive and drive its busy online promotional calendar during the critical holiday season.


Working within a top-down strategy to significantly grow the e-commerce side of its business, a broadline retail sales leader needed to ramp up its interactive staffing for the upcoming holiday season. Because the company’s director of planning and promotions lacked corporate approval to hire permanent staff, she needed to hire qualified talent on a contract basis. With daily and weekly e-mail marketing campaigns to manage, she was severely understaffed and had to accomplish a huge amount of work with limited resources. Understanding the competitive nature of staffing for the online retail space, she was under intense pressure to identify the right people quickly in order to have resources in place for the crucial holiday sales period.

Aquent Solution

Leveraging an established partnership with the retailer, Aquent proposed a detailed staffing solution that would provide highly qualified talent to meet short-term staffing needs for the holiday crunch time and enable her to evaluate candidates for a potential long-term fit. Within two weeks, Aquent identified and provided a team of seven interactive specialists, including an online marketing project manager, a product merchandising analyst, an affiliate program coordinator, a marketing analyst, and a marketing project coordinator. With such a wide range of expertise and skills, the team was able to assist with a variety of needs across multiple Web sites, including e-mail marketing, Web design and strategy, information architecture, site tracking and metrics, competitive analysis, and overall project management.


The client was so pleased with the talent that the three-month contract of one member has been extended, a second has transitioned to another team within the store, and a third is being considered for a full-time role. Utilizing the expertise of Aquent’s contract talent, the client met critical online marketing deadlines and avoided the expense of hiring permanent employees.


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