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Innovation at top speed

Innovation at top speed
Picture perfect Aquent talent produce in record time for gaming giant.

As director of worldwide web operations for a much admired developer of games, our client Chris has learned firsthand how valuable the right creative talent can be. His team of Aquent staffers are crucial to the marketing of his company’s innovative products.

“Like most large companies, in the past I routinely used several agencies to staff creative positions,” he says. “It was always about who can deliver the candidate who is the best fit for our need the fastest. Aquent is the most consistent, and the one I turn to now to fill my need for new staff.”

Just how has Aquent garnered this special place in Chris’s heart? By knowing and understanding the creative mindset so well. And by listening, he explains.

“Aquent really listens to me about exactly what I need and then finds it for me quickly. It’s that simple.”

By working closely with Chris to define the specific skills and experience his global e-commerce projects need, Aquent ensures his time is never wasted on a sea of the wrong candidates. For this most critical of his company’s income-producing divisions, time literally is money.

This productivity-savvy manager has also noticed something else about the great-fitting new talent he’s hired recently. Chris says each has been much faster than past hires in getting up to speed and becoming productive in his fast-paced operation.

“They’ve all been really consistent, very performance-oriented, and great at taking on responsibility and learning new tasks,” he remarks.

Chris estimates that rather than taking the traditional nine to 12 weeks to transition from being the “new guy” to becoming a productive member of his team, his Aquent staff members are up and running, making a solid contribution, within three or four weeks.

Where does this put Chris’s satisfaction rating with his Aquent experience?

“At the top -- a 10!”


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