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In Case You Were Under a Rock

In Case You Were Under a Rock image
In Case You Were Under a Rock

In Case You Were Under a Rock

Daphne, who used to work in the LA office with me has an excuse for missing these viral Dove Ads – she’s in our Sydney, Australia office.

But me, who sits at his computer all day in the second largest city in America, blogging about media stuff?

Sadly, no excuse.

But! To make up for it, in case any of the rest of you are recovering Luddites, I’m including two of the films from Dove’s Self-Esteem gallery. (On a side note, I’ve watched these a number of times and my self-esteem remains remarkably low.)

There’s been a heck of a lot of controversy about these films and Dove “taking on” the beauty industry. There’s even been venting at Ogilvy, who produced these film, because they also produce ads for a well-known girl’s doll that is not so loved by many women.

I’m not sure what I think of the campaign as a whole, is it whitewashing or just a step in the right direction?

Either way, the visuals in these films speak for themselves. Whether that changes your decision whether or not to pop into Victoria’s Secret or Abercrombie & Fitch, is up to you.



Interestingly, Greenpeace posted their own YouTube response ad (below), protesting Dove’s use of palm oil in their products. They claim the palm oil industry is destroying the Paradise Forests in Indonesia and that “as the biggest single buyer of palm oil in the world” they need to help stop it.

As a result, Unilever met with Greenpeace and “agreed to support the call by Greenpeace for an immediate moratorium on deforestation for palm oil plantation”.

So maybe one step in the right direction, the Real Beauty Campaign, is leading to other right steps?


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