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In a Staffing Jam? Take the Talent Bridge

In a Staffing Jam? Take the Talent Bridge image
In a Staffing Jam? Take the Talent Bridge

It happens more often than not: You hire a new employee who looks great on paper, gives stellar interviews, but is your department’s worst nightmare. Maybe they lack the skills they claim or just don’t blend in to your company culture.

While no one likes to be a blame thrower, it’s still a costly mistake to make. How costly? According to this New York Times blog post, anywhere from $40,000-$200,000.

“Talent Bridge is our innovative solution to these staffing challenges,” explains Tracy Sinclair, Aquent’s vice president of global marketing. As you can see in this video clip, Talent Bridge not only takes care of sourcing the talent that meet your skill requirements, but gives you the “no strings attached” opportunity to work with exceptional marketing and creative talent. Both you and the talent have a chance to check each other out and decide whether the match is mutually beneficial. or not.

Watch the Clip

Here’s a recap of key Talent Bridge Benefits to share with your department heads:

  • Test the talent pool first. (In most cases, it takes 30 days to know if a hire was a good decision. With Talent Bridge, you save time and money while finding the perfect fit.)
  • Avoid project hand-off mishaps when a new hire doesn’t work out.
  • Achieve 100% staffing success.

It’s time to stop the trauma and drama of finding marketing and creative talent. Take the Talent Bridge to find the people who enhance your workplace, instead of continuing to tread harsh staffing waters. 

Talent Bridge is offered exclusively through Aquent. Contact us to start your journey today.


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