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How does responsive design impact SEO? Tom Demers explains

How does responsive design impact SEO? Tom Demers explains image
How does responsive design impact SEO? Tom Demers explains

Responsive design may be the new normal in web and mobile site development, but do you know how it impacts SEO? In the June 19 Aquent-sponsored AMA webcast “How Does Responsive Design Impact SEO?” Tom Demers, co-founder and managing partner at Measured SEM, answered this question and more on how different development decisions affect your desktop and mobile site’s SEO. Basically, everyone who works in web development and conducts business on the web needs to see this webcast.

Drawing directly from Google’s website ranking system for both desktop and mobile devices, Demers drilled down what search engines “look for” when crawling desktop and mobile-inclusive responsive sites and those with separate desktop and mobile site URLs. His presentation also provided key insights on Google preferences, the often overlooked dangers of duplicate content and link consolidation, and the role page load times play in search engine ranking.

If you don’t know where a majority of the traffic to your website originates (either desktop or mobile searches), or the device-specific keywords used to find your site, Demers illustrates how to do it. Are you using switchboard tags properly? Do you know what they are? Demers’ webcast lets you know.

Another great element of the  “How Does Responsive Design Impact SEO?” webcast is Demers’ wrapup. It’s just as invaluable as the presentation itself. Demers gives plenty of resources to assist you in making the best decisions when developing and optimizing your desktop and mobile sites for search engines and user experience.

Don’t despair if you missed the live webcast. You can view it here and save it to reference when meeting with your development team. This webcast was also offered with live closed captioning, and you can download the transcript here.


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