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How do you Maximize the Results of the VMS/MSP Program at Your Company?

How do you Maximize the Results of the VMS/MSP Program at Your Company?

We recently wrote an article for HRO Today giving our thoughts on how Human Resources pros can maximize the results of the VMS/MSP program at their company by building successful MSP and supplier relationships. Here’s a summary of the key points from the article:

  • If you want to receive maximum benefit from your VMS/MSP program, you need to ensure broad adoption within your organization

  • Call upon your HR management skills to help cultivate a successful “three-way street” relationship between you, your MSP, and your supplier community

  • Advocate for, and engage with, your suppliers and MSP program management to cultivate trust and help develop processes that allow for the unique fulfillment requirements in the the digital, creative, and marketing categories

  • Clearly articulate the job requirements (i.e., technical skills required) to your suppliers to help ensure that their scope of services are correctly aligned in the MSP tool

  • Work with the hiring managers in your organization to educate them on the importance of working with the VMS/MSP rather than working around the system

Have you implemented a VMS/MSP at your company? What advice do you have? Let us know!


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