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How Big Brands Use Social Media: Kraft Foods (Oreo) Embraces Facebook to Reach Moms

How Big Brands Use Social Media: Kraft Foods (Oreo) Embraces Facebook to Reach Moms

Beth Reilly and her team at Kraft Foods has built a Facebook following of 11 million followers for Oreo Cookies. Her strategy: once you reach critical mass it’s usually possible to step back and let your fans talk among themselves, and dive in only to clear up misunderstandings or manage product issues.

Full article here. Video of Beth Reilly explaining her plan here.

From Smart Blog on Social Media's Andy Snerowitz.

In her recent BlogWell case-study presentation, Reilly explained how Kraft built this strategy. A few of her big ideas:

  • Facebook is the new TV. As Reilly says, Facebook is our new background noise — it’s always on. And where a brand URL was once the place to go for brand communications, fans more and more look to Facebook as the de facto place to find information about the brands they love.
  • Give them a reason to keep coming back. Reilly’s team says their strategy is built around the idea that fans go to their Facebook page for information and to be entertained. So instead of heavy sales and promotions, they’re posting comedy videos, sharing recipes and celebrating a “Fan of the Week.”
  • Let the fans do the talking. In a community this big, it’s impossible for Oreo team members to respond to every comment from every fan — and as it turns out, they don’t have to. Reilly says her team has found that people in the community often respond to one another and create great discussions, and they generally only jump in to clear up misinformation or when a product issue arises.


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