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Aquent talent brings specialized expertise to interactive project

Aquent talent brings specialized expertise to interactive project
Like many enterprise companies, our Fortune 100 technology client operates several internal virtual agencies for marketing and advertising. A former Aquent talent himself, and now an Aquent client, Don, a Marketing Creative Manager, was tasked with producing an interactive, immersive experience highlighting the company’s healthcare technology solutions. He knew right away that it would be more cost effective to produce the project internally than it would be to hire an outside agency. So he immediately set out to put together an internal team to create the experience.

Aquent creatives are a valued part of Don’s internal agency and he knew he had several content specialists able to take on the project. Yet one team member stood head and shoulders above the rest.

“Karen stood out among all of the well qualified potential team members on-site. She had a tremendous amount of specifically relevant healthcare experience,” says Don.

Karen’s subject matter expertise in healthcare included not only how patients interact with care providers, but also an in-depth understanding of stakeholder communication styles. She was instrumental in developing both static content to describe the company’s healthcare solutions, as well as the video scenarios that are part of the overall site experience.

Although much of his department’s team of content experts came to the company through Aquent, Don says it was this specialized experience in healthcare communications that made Karen the absolutely perfect person for this particular project.

“The thing I love most about working with Aquent,” says Don, “is they’re always able to find me the right talent. More importantly, they’re willing to work with me to identify specific talent solutions for complex projects if I’m not exactly sure what I need.”

In this case, the specific expertise of Don’s Aquent talent Karen resulted in a groundbreaking interactive project that the whole team is proud of. Partnering with Aquent, his team created a virtual ecosystem that allows visitors to explore how the company’s hardware and SaaS solutions improve the lives of patients and empower healthcare professionals.


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