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Green vs. Green Washing

Green vs. Green Washing

Okay, let’s face it, The People have caught onto the “green” Marketing tricks.

And they’re mad as hell.

Saying your plastic bag is saving the Earth just because you can use it again as a garbage bag (as the American Chemistry Council insists) or that you’re an environmentally friendly green gas station has made a lot of “green marketing” efforts seem ridiculous and lame.

So what’s a Marketing or Production Manager to do if they want their efforts to be more sustainable?

Well, I think the first thing you have to do is be honest. If you can save 1,200 trees by using recycled paper in your mailing, then not only should you do it, you should feel good about promoting it. But you should also be aware that the bar is being set higher and the knuckleheads may be confusing the issue just to sell more tires than their competitors.

A few years ago, a few of us saw Chris Hacker who was at the incredibly green Aveda, but had signed on as Senior Vice President of Global Design and Design Strategy at Johnson & Johnson, and it was a real eye opener. I mean, I have a compost pile, but this guy is now on the leading edge of a Fortune 500 global brand.

(Which doesn’t mean I’m giving up my compost pile, but rather that I’ll stop bragging about it.)

If you’re looking to educate yourself in true “green marketing” efforts, from paper buying to soy inks, you may be interested in a free Webinar on the topic, sponsored by Neenah Paper.

It’s called Far-Sighted Sustainability and hosted by Marc Alt, president and founder of Marc Alt + Partners, “a design, research and brand strategy agency dedicated to sustainable innovation”.

Here’s the Webinar link and, as I said, it’s free.

And, I believe, fairly sustainable.


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