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Great content meets an innovative product

Great content meets an innovative product

Veteran copywriter helps turn product exploration into hastened march to market

When a large technology company needed another content expert they reached out to Aquent to add to the sharp roster of copywriters we had already placed with them. In considering candidates, Linda stood head and shoulders above the rest due to her deep industry experience with a global technology brand.

Shortly after joining the team, internal changes meant Linda had a brand new manager for her project to market a new product. Never missing a beat, she set to work.

“What Linda has done consistently, and what her stakeholders and team rave about,” says her new manager, Liz, “is to manage projects well. She is able to look at a new project, see the big picture, and then dive into the details in order to produce great content.”

The first project Linda tackled was a six-month exploratory pilot to offer a unique new hardware product to a specific - and somewhat picky - professional population of expert customers. As the product site launched Linda was excited to see her work come to fruition, as well as to determine interest in the product.

LInda says the project was challenging because not only was it her first at a brand new job, but this very high profile undertaking needed to get out of the starting gate her very first week. She also had an important internal audience to impress. The founder and CEO of the company, a global icon, was extremely excited about the initiative.

“I knew people at the highest levels of the company would be reading my copy,” she says. “And that added a little more pressure.”

The veteran copywriter was unruffled. With more than 12 years of experience in the technology realm, she believed in her ability to interact with subject matter experts at all levels to get what she needed. She also says she feels her natural knack for cutting through to the heart of the message really helped her create content that delivered.

Liz wasn’t worried about the newcomer either. She says Linda consistently keeps her stakeholders and team aware of any issues affecting her projects, collaboratively works with her team on solutions, and pushes project timelines in order to ensure a successful launch.

It seems in this case a successful launch is exactly what the team delivered. Due to the overwhelming response from their customer audience and thousands of beta program applications, the company turned the six-month product exploration into a march directly to market.

We have it on good authority that certain people are pleased.


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