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Friday Find: Typeface Memory Game Gift Idea

Friday Find:  Typeface Memory Game Gift Idea image
Friday Find: Typeface Memory Game Gift Idea

You may know The Quick Brown Box Jumps Over the Lazy Dog as a typing exercise because it uses all the letters of the alphabet and is an old-school typing test back in the day of manual typewriters. I know, because I am old, and I learned to type on a manual typewriter with all blank keys.

But now it’s a typeface memory game perfect for designer types who love typography. With twenty-five pairs of cards, each presenting a different type family, this is a very stylish and interesting typographic concentration game. The kit includes a typographical glossary with the main terms used in typography as well as a text about the evolution of type design, locating in history each one of the fonts used in the game.

If you are searching for a gift for the designer in your life, whether it’s a holiday gift or a company gift exchange, this might be the perfect little something to say thanks! It retails for $25 but is currently $16.50 at Amazon. Check it out at Amazon.

Can you tell these fonts apart?! If not, you might want this game!


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