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Free Online Design Tools, The Price is Right

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Free Online Design Tools, The Price is Right

A great magazine should be like that friend you admire.

I'm thinking of the way The New Yorker is put together or (though not really my cup o' tea) Martha Stewart Living. If you're a design creative, then you should absolutely be signed up for CreativePro's newsletter. I mean, the price of admission is FREE and they run articles such as Ten Free Online Design Tools, where they (not you) go around hunting for the best stuff, then come back to you with the results. What's not to love? Here's the dope on the tools articles.

There are two different ones, the first covers an invoicing and invoice tracking service, a project management tool, font identification service, and (awww) the Aquent sponsored Design Calculator. All online, all free. Ten Free Online Tools Every Designer Should Know The second article grabs sites like an online database of logos and brand marks, Twittering Designers, and a place to help you calculate your hourly rate. Ten (More!) Free Online Tools for Designers

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